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Card Set

Nr 1




6 different cards
with 6 envelopes:

Umfassende Beschreibung

Set of 6 different cards (21 cm * 14.7 cm, 8.25 inches * 5.79 inches)
with 6 envelopes (22.8cm * 16 cm, 8.98 inches * 6.3 inches).
For details of the included card subjects please have a look at Card Set with this part number.
Card sets can only be bought as is. No single cards or custom composition of card sets can be ordered.
Many thanks for your understanding. Sorry, for the inconveniance.

Shipping and handling: Please buy the shipping option that caters best to your needs. If you don't select a special shipping option I assume I will the card set(s) with standard mail (cheapest fare to your country) which may take several weeks depending on where you live. Card sets will be sent from Klosters, Switzerland, via the Swiss Post (


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